Best Battery Backup For Router Resonate CRU12V2

  • Important: Please check the power ratings of your WiFi Router to order a compatible model. Self-Check compatibility section can help to choose the right model.
  • Un-interrupted WiFi as you work, play and shop from home
  • Up to 4 hours of power backup for your WiFi or ADSL router
  • Intelligent electrical safety protection circuits with battery management systems
  • Compatible with all 12V, <2A powered WiFi, WiFi/ADSL routers. UPS should be switched to ON mode while charging(Red LED) as well as to give backup(green LED) and please check Adapter, Router power rating. Please check power rating compatibility of Router, Adapter and UPS and Adapter (Adapter should be greater than 1A)
  • Certified Product: CE, RoHS


Battery Backup for Router and Modem

Internet and Wifi have become an integral part of our lives. Most devices are becoming smart these days and they need Wifi. Smart TVs, smart lights and fans, Smart speakers and devices like Alexa need internet (Wifi) to function smoothly. Thus, a power failure can become very frustrating and if your work needs internet then it becomes all the more irritating. Though most smart devices (except electrical devices like fans and lights) has a battery,  the Wifi router doesn’t come with a battery. In such a scenario the Router UPS could prove very helpful.  If you are looking for a UPS for router and modem, the Resonate Router UPS CRU12V2 is the best battery backup for router and modem.

Best Battery Backup For Router Resonate Router UPS

Battery Backup For Router


Now get un-interrupted WiFi even in case of a power cut or load shedding with Resonate Router UPS CRU12V2. It is designed to be used every day and has various models that support Wi-Fi Routers with varied power input. The Resonate Router UPS has an intelligent battery management circuit that increases the battery life.

Best Battery Backup For Router Resonate Router UPS


Up to 4 Hours of Backup: Router UPS provides up to 4 hours of power uninterrupted power backup that is a sufficient enough time to complete your tasks. In fact, most of the times power are restored within 4 hours.

Intelligent Charging: One of the reasons that Resonate Router UPS CRU12V2 is the best battery backup for router is its intelligent battery management system. It manages the battery at its optimum. As a result of which, you get extended battery life. The battery starts charging when the power is ON and switches to the battery in case of power cuts.

Easy Installation:  Setting up the Router UPS is very easy and you can install it in less than 2 minutes to your WiFi Router.

Cables: The device comes with multiple connection cables that support most WiFi Routers.


Best Battery Backup For Router Resonate Router UPS


Resonate Router UPS CRU12V2 comes with 6 Months of warranty.

Battery Backup for Router: Review

This Battery Backup for Router & Modem is a must have device which performs as it is suppose to. The device complements your router/ modem in looks as well as performance that will never get you disconnected. The intelligent charging and long back up duration are the two most impressive features that gives you all the bragging rights. Highly recommended for those who doesn’t have inverter at their home / office but want to remain connected to internet. With this backup device, no interuption in your connectivity is guranteed. ‘Always connected’ is going to be your status once you install this amazing device.


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