Mi Wireless Mouse – Review 2021

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A Wireless mouse is one of the best and must-have accessories for your desktop computer and laptop. Not only it is convenient to use but also portable (in case of laptops). One of the options is the bestseller Logitech B170. However, if you are looking for another, equally good option then you can go for Mi Wireless Mouse. In this post, we are going to review the same.



  • The mouse is made of high-quality plastic with great built.
  • The entire body has a matt finish whereas the click button area is glossy that gives it a premium look.
  • The battery compartment opens from the top.
  • The top shell is fixed using the magnets that will keep not only the cover in place but also the battery compartment secured.
  • The shape of the mouse is ergonomically designed that matches perfectly with the contours of your palm and fits well under it.
  • Overall, the mouse looks very elegant and classy in both the available Black and White colors.


  • The mouse has a two-way scrolling wheel.
  • The tiny grooves made on the scrolling wheel is an added thing that makes it very easy to use. Your finger will not slip because of the grooves and scrolling will be very easy.
  • The Mi wireless mouse has a nice magnetic slot for keeping the USB receiver. It is very helpful when you want to carry your mouse.
  • It also has a small internal connect button to ascertain if the mouse is connected to its receiver.
  • The mouse is optimised to give you longer battery life.
  • The battery indicator informs the power level using coloured signals. Green color represents a perfect battery while red indicates the low battery level.
  • The mouse provides very good tracking with it’s best in class DPI of 1200 precision that gives you smooth control.


The Mi wireless mouse is a very elegant and ergonomic mouse that is very smooth to control. At this price point, the mouse stands apart among the heavy competition. With best in class DPI precision and 2.4GHz connectivity, there is no lag in usage. It is a must buy portable mouse in this price range. Perfect Value For Money!

Mi Wireless Mouse









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  • Design
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