Best Type C Earphones India

best type c earphones India

Need for the Best Type C Earphones India has available?

As you must have observed, gradually premium phones are doing away with a headphone jack. All android smartphones that lack a headphone jack uses a Type-C port for audio output. So, you need a Type-C headphone to enjoy music and go hands-free for your calls. Though some brands offer a Type-C headphone, some provide a 3.5 mm headphone jack to a type-C adapter.


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Sadly, it is additional stuff that you have to carry. Moreover, it can easily be lost. Anyway, if you are here, you are someone who is either looking for a new Type-C earphone or fed up with carrying the adapter. In both cases, you are in the right place. In this post we will list down the Best Type C Earphones India has available online.

It’s a nascent stage in the market for Type-C headphones and hence there are not many options available. Another reason for very few options is the growing popularity of wireless headphones and earbuds ( Check Out Top-5 Best True Wireless Earbuds Under 3000). OnePlus has also launched OnePlus True Wireless Earbuds to complement their smartphones that lack headphone jacks. However, if you feel comfortable with wired earphones, read on.

Best Type C Earphones India

WeCool Mr.Bass W010

Highlights: Rugged Wire Design, Metallic Earbuds, In-Ear Loop

Best Type C Earphones India

If you are looking for a budget earphone that not only looks stylish and premium but also offers great, hi-resolution audio quality then we highly recommend these WeCool earphones. Its a value for money!

  • WeCool has been producing some great headphones/earphones.
  • These Type-C earphones are one finely designed earphone with rugged wire styled cable and metallic buds.
  • It has ear loops that let you wear the earphones very comfortably with a snug fit.
  • This WeCool Type C Earphone has Inline Multi-Function Button that allows you to manage music and calls.
  • As far as sound quality is concerned, you get amazing sound with rich bass via its 12 mm driver.

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Wissenschaft JP55P

Highlights: Hi-Res Audio, Metallic Body

Wissenschaft JP55P Premium Type C Wired Headphones

Another Type C earphone that is pocket friendly and simultaneously looks great is Wissenschaft JP55P Premium. The ear phones are made with  Lightweight aluminum that makes it look stylish. You should go for it.

  • The earphone has a lightweight aluminum body and comfortable in-ear design that naturally matches your ear canals.
  • Designed with sound-insulating material, the Wissenschaft JP55P, cancels noise, giving you clear audio.
  • The Hi-Res Audio & DAC Chipset provides superior lossless audio.
  • Like all the earphones, it also has an Inline Button that allows you to manage music and calls.

RAZER Hammerhead

Highlights: Durable Aluminum Chassis, Flat Cable, Bi-flange Ear Tips

Best Type C Earphones India

RAZER Hammerhead USB-C earphones are rugged, stylish, and durable. The premium built quality lets you carry these earphones with swag and its durability lets you carry it care-free.

  • Custom-tuned DAC for higher-resolution audio output.
  • 10 mm Dynamic Drivers for stellar audio fidelity.
  • Lightweight Aluminum Chassis & Flat Cables for durability.
  • Bi-flange Ear Tips for passive noise isolation.
  • The earphone has an in-line Microphone and Volume Control for instant audio control.

Belkin USB-C Headphones

Highlights: Ergonomic Design, Flat, Tangle-free cable

belkin earphones

Blekin is already an established name in computer accessories. When a brand with so much of experience comes with an earphone, it has to be of top-notch quality. The unique design of the earphones is angled that fits comfortably. The premium built and sound quality makes this Type-C earphone a must-have to complement your smartphone.

  • Innovative design provides a perfect fit.
  • Passive noise cancellation lets you enjoy music without disturbance.
  • Specially designed flat cable is lightweight and keeps the cable tangle-free.

Nwark/Joie USB Type C Earphones

Highlights: Lightweight Aluminum Body, Sound Insulating Material, Pocket Friendly

Nwark joie USB Type C Earphones

Another option for best type c earphones India is Nwark/Joie USB Type C Earphones. If you are tight on budget then this earphone can be a great choice. With all the standard features and good sound quality, this earphone looks trendy.

  • The earphone has an ergonomic design that feels comfortable in your ear.
  • It has an inline mic and remote that lets you manage your calls and music.
  • The earphone is constructed with a solid sound-insulating material that not only reduces external noise but also minimizes sound leakage, giving you clear sound.

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