Top-4 Best Idli Maker For Microwave

best microwave idli maker

Idli Maker For Microwave

Idli is one such Indian food item that is loved by many and easy to cook at home. It is so versatile item that people eat it as breakfast, brunch, afternoon snacks, and even for dinner. Also, it is very convenient to cook. Idli lovers generally prepare the batter and keep it in the fridge to be consumed for days to come. Since idli is a steamed recipe, you hardly consume any oil with it. Idli can also come to your rescue in case surprise guests visit your home.

You can be ready with hot steaming idlis in no time. As easy as it already is to cook idly, it can be further made easier by using Idli maker for microwave. It is a must-have kitchen device for any modern home.

Top-4 Best Idli Maker For Microwave: Summary

#4G.V.Utensils Microwave Idli MakerDhokla TrayBUY NOW ON AMAZON
#3Kuber Industries Idli MakerDhokla TrayBUY NOW ON AMAZON
#2Signoraware Big Idli MakerBUY NOW ON AMAZON
#1Tupperware Multi Cook SetStrainer & SpoonBUY NOW ON AMAZON

How To Make Idli In Microwave

Making idli is one of the easiest things. If you have a ready batter, then cooking idli is easier than making tea. Just stir the batter properly before cooking. Now grease the idli mold with oil or butter and pour the batter in every mold. Add water into the steamer pot and close the container. Slide it into the microwave for 5-6 minutes. Tada! your steaming hot idlis are ready in a jiffy.

Idli Companions

Idli is a recipe that is incomplete without sambar and coconut chutney. Sambar for idli is like what butter is to bread. Idli tastes best only when eaten with sambar and chutney. Sambar can make or break the recipe. To make a perfect, authentic South Indian sambar for idli, you should have the best sambar masala.

Making a coconut chutney is not difficult, but opening a coconut is a tricky task for sure. If you avoid making the chutney only because you find it difficult to break open the coconut, we have something that will make it simple for you. Check out this Coconut Opening Kit that has everything you’ll need to pop a coconut open in as little as ten seconds.

Top-4 Best Idli Maker For Microwave

#4-G.V.Utensils Idli Maker

Top-4 Best Idli Maker For Microwave
  • This microwave-safe idli maker looks great and comes with two types of Idli molds.
  • The Idli mold set has two trays of normal-sized Idlis with 4 mold each.
  • Another tray is for Mini Idlis, also know as Kanjivaram Idlis.
  • The Idli maker also comes along with a Dhokla tray.

#3-Kuber Industries Idli Maker

Top-4 Best Idli Maker For Microwave
  • This idli maker for microwave comes in multiple colors.
  • Made of Virgin Plastic material, 100 % Food Grade & BPA Free.
  • The Idli maker set has three trays of normal-sized Idlis with 4 idli molds each.
  • The Idli maker also has a Dhokla tray.
  • Cook delicious and healthy Idlis & Dhokla in a Microwave from the comfort of your home within a few minutes. It is a must-have for any Modern Home.

#2-Signoraware Idli Maker

idly cooker
  • Microwave-safe and unbreakable, Can be used for cooking in microwave
  • Made from virgin plastic only, 100 % Food grade material
  • Package Contents: 3 pieces Idli stand + 1 lid + 1 cover

Also Check Out

#1-Tupperware Idli Maker

tupperware idli maker for microwave
  • The No.1 Best Selling Idli maker is Tupperware Idli maker.
  • A brand as famous and valued as Tupperware needs no introduction.
  • This is a multi function product that allows you to cook, steam, strain, reheat and serve
  • It has a Strainer, Idli Trays and Spoon.
  • The Strainer fits in the container and has handles on both the sides for easy lifting

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