10 Best Car Vacuum Cleaner India 2021

Best Car Vacuum Cleaner 2020

Best Car Vacuum Cleaner India 2021


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Today we will list down Best Car Vacuum Cleaner 2021. This comprehensive list includes Top 10 Best Selling vacuum cleaners for your car. We have done detailed research and used a few of them. Along with the countdown list, we will also present our pros and cons for all the cleaning devices in the list. This will not only help you in understanding the features but also help you in making a well-informed buying decision.

Car Vacuum Cleaners

People not only buy cars for a practical purpose but cherish them as a family member. Most of them care about their rides a lot. They love to keep them neat and clean and always shining. Though, washing and cleaning the exterior is very easy, cleaning your car from the inside is a tricky and time-consuming task. The cleaning becomes more tedious during the monsoon. Such a difficult task can be done very easily with the help of car vacuum cleaners.

What Should You See In A Vacuum Cleaner For Car?

There are three specific things one should see in a car vacuum cleaner before finalizing it.


The most important thing for any vacuum cleaner is power. The machine should have enough power that generates high suction capability to clean all the dirt. The suction pressure is measured in the kilopascal (kPa). It should neither be very low nor be very high that can damage your car batteries.

Cord Length

You should check for the cord length. It should be long enough to reach every corner of your car. If the power source is only on the front side then you will need a cord long enough to reach the boot.

Additional Attachments

Look out for all the additional attachments which are provided along with the cleaner. It should have attachments to reach and clean tricky places like between and under the seats, AC vents, etc.

Top 10 Best Car Vacuum Cleaner 2021: Overview

#8Voroly V111120 W5 MBUY NOW ON AMAZON
#5RNG EKO Green 2008200 W / 7.9 kPa5 MBUY NOW ON AMAZON
#4Voroly 5000120 W5 MBUY NOW ON AMAZON
#3Unicq Plus50 W2.4 MBUY NOW ON AMAZON
#2RNG EKO Green150W / 4.5 kPa5 MBUY NOW ON AMAZON
#1Bergmann Stunner150 W / 5 kPa5 MBUY NOW ON AMAZON

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10 Best Car Vacuum Cleaner India 2021

#10 RNG EKO GREEN 2002

Best Car Vacuum Cleaner 2020

One of the best Made in India automotive cleaner, RNG EKO Green has marginally higher suction power than all other vacuum cleaners in our list. Although, it doesn’t make much of a difference.

The vacuum cleaner has a very handy design that makes it easy to operate.

It is equipped with an LED light to assist you if you clean the car during night.

It comes with wet & dry cleaning application to absorb spilled liquid inside the car.

This car vacuum has double filtration system consisting of an Outside Mesh Filter & HEPA Filter inside.

It comes with 2 attachments, 5 M cord to reach tricky places in the car.

Warranty: 1 Year

Handy DesignNo Flexible Pipe
LED Torch
Double Filtration System

#9 RYLAN Powerful Portable Vacuum

Rylan car vacuum cleaning device

If you are looking for an affordable, budget-friendly vacuum machine for your car, that is both lightweight and compact then this portable gadget by RYLAN is for you. Though you will have to compromise a little on features, the price at which it is available makes it an attractive option.

Low-costNot Many Attachments
Portable & CompactShort Cord Length
No Warranty
Low Suction Pressure

#8 Voroly V111

Best Car Vacuum Cleaner 2020

Perfect vacuum cleaner for those who don’t like even a small bit of dust in any corner of the car.

Equipped with 5 M cord and multiple attachments to clean even the most difficult to reach places.

The ergonomic design and strong suction pressure makes the cleaning task very efficient.

The product comes with a 6 Month Warranty.

DesignShorter Warranty
Multiple Attachments

#7 Black & Decker Car Vacuum Cleaner

Black & Decker

The amazing looking vacuum cleaner is fully loaded with all the accessories you would need to keep your car clean.

Equipped with long and short crevice tool, flexible hose pipe, brush, and a floor extension, the machine comes in a storage bag to hold all the adapters.

You will have no problem in cleaning the car with long cord (5 M) and around 4 kPa suction pressure.

The dust bag capacity is 0.5 L.

Warranty: 6 Months

This is one of the best looking vacuum cleaner in our list of Best Car Vacuum Cleaner India 2021

Stunning LooksShorter Warranty
Highest No. of Attachments
Well Known American Brand

#6 KAVERI WALK Portable Vacuum Cleaner

best car vacuum cleaner

One of the no frills, budget friendly machines. If you don’t want any additional attachments and want a low-cost option which is handy and compact then this one is for you.

No Warranty
Short Cord Length
Low Suction Power

#5 RNG EKO Green RNG2008

An upgrade to RNG Eko Green 2002, this machine is World’s Most Powerful 12V DC Car Vacuum Cleaner with 200 W motor that gives 7.9 kPa suction pressure.

It is equipped with an LED light to assist you if you clean the car during night.

With both wet and dry capabilities, the machine comes with 2 extensions that will keep your car neat and tidy looking.

The vacuum cleaner has dual filtration. Stainless Steel HEPA Filter and Mesh Filter.

Warranty: 1 Year

High Power & Suction PressureOnly 2 Attachments
LED Torch Assist
Dual Filteration
Stainless Steel HEPA Filter

#4 Voroly 5000

vacuum cleaner for car

This vacuum for car has a simple design and ample number of varied accessories that will help you reach tricky ares in your car.

The No.4 device on our list has almost every thing that a descent vacuum clear for car should have.

Long power cord to reach every corner of your car and enough suction power by 120 W motor will help you clean your car nicely.

Warranty: 6 Months

Multiple AttachmentsShorter Warranty
Marginally Low on Power as Compared to others

#3 Unicq Plus Portable Vacuum Cleaner

best car vacuum cleaner

If you are looking for something which is very light in weight as well as on your pocket then this portable vacuum cleaner is for you.

The accompanying crevice tool helps you in reaching tight corners and tricky places in your car.

The motor is 50W which is good enough for a machine of this size and this price range.

Pocket FriendlyShort Cord Length
PortableNo Additional Attachment
Light WeightNo Warranty
Less Suction

#2 RNG EKO Green RNG-2001

Best Car Vacuum Cleaner 2020

The made in India product has an amazing built quality made with high quality Weather Resistant ABS Material.

The amazing cleaning machine has a Metal Fan and 150 W motor that generates 4.5 kPa of suction pressure.

It has both dry and wet application that is good to clean the spilled liquids.

This vacuum cleaner has 5M cord which can facilitate easy cleaning till the end of the vehicle. The HEPA filter is washable.

Warranty : 1 Year

Compact DesignNo Flexible Pipe
Metal Fan

Honorable Mentions

#1 Bergmann Stunner

The Best Car Vacuum Cleaner 2021 is Bergmann Stunner. The most stunning German car vacuum cleaner has a mirror-finished body and 100% 150 W copper motor that gives amazing suction pressure of 5 kPa.

This Stunning machine has the best looks which will match your stunning car.

This amazing machine has a Stainless Steel Hepa Filter that never needs to be replaced.

It has an extra long 5 M cord which is good enough even for the longest vehicles.

The only car vacuum cleaner that can run continuously for up-to 30 minutes.

Attachments: Nozzle, Brush and Flexible Hose Pipe to reach every nook and corner of your vehicle.

Available in Two Stunning Colors, it is good for wet vacuum too.

Warranty : 1 Year

Stainless Steel HEPA FilterNIL
Sleek Mirror Finish Body
Metal Fan
30 Min Use Cycle

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We hope we will be of some help in clearing out the confusion and the above list has helped you in choosing the Best Car Vacuum Cleaner India that suits your requirement. Please don’t forget to share this post with your car-loving friends.

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