6 Best Bathroom Fittings Brands In India

Best Bathroom Fittings Brands In India

Best Bathroom Fittings Brands In India

If you are looking for bathroom fittings then you must either be moving to a new house or renovating the existing one. Bathroom fittings are very important for the interior and overall feel of your bathroom. It can make or break the look of your bathroom. Stylish, perfectly installed bathroom fittings can not only enhance your bathroom but also make it look elegant and classy.

To make sure your bathroom looks the way you want, you should choose the right fittings and should never compromise on it. There are many brands available today that provides the latest and stylish designs. However, you might find it difficult to recall the brands as bathroom fittings are not something that you need in routine life. Therefore, we are listing down the best bathroom fittings brands in India for you.

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Let us now have a look at some of the best bathroom fittings brands in India.


Best Bathroom Fittings Brands In India

Jaquar is a renowned name in the bathroom accessories and fittings. Established in 1960, the brand is synonymous with top quality bathroom fittings accessories. Foraying into a wide range of taps, faucets, kitchen accessories, sanitary ware, etc. They also deal with flushing systems, bathtubs, sink mixers, etc.


Cera hand shower

Yet another formidable brand in bathroom fittings, Cera has an extensive product portfolio that includes high-end showers, steam cubicles, and whirlpools, besides sanitaryware and faucets. CERA with its wide range has become the primary choice of customers looking for stylish products in a contemporary lifestyle.


Best Bathroom Fittings Brands In India

Kohler is an international bathroom fittings brand that has a presence in over 40 countries. It has consolidated itself has one of the Best Bathroom Fittings Brands In India. The brand’s product portfolio is synonymous with the word Magnificent. Maintaining high quality and awesome designs, Kohler is a brand of international repute and its products follow global standards. The Bold Designs of its all products are nothing short of amazing and will give your bathroom an elegant look.


Best Bathroom Fittings Brands In India

Hindware is one of the leading and the best Bathroom Fittings Brands In India. It also deals in sanitary ware. The brand is the one to bring Vitreous China Sanitary to India in 1962. Since its inception, Hindware is recognized for quality, the widest range, and thereby being ahead of its time. A brand that was constantly innovating to a brand that’s now synonymous with expertise.

American Standard

american standard

American Standard, one of the iconic American brands in sanitary ware has earned the trust of its customers by constantly delivering style, quality, and reliability to their bathrooms. American Standard provides dependable bathroom solutions that combine thoughtful designs and innovative technologies to create amazing bathrooms that offer ultimate comfort and performance.

The beautiful and voguish designs are eye-catching that makes American Standard one of the Best Bathroom Fittings Brands In India

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